Friday, April 27, 2012


I bet
Now is the perfect time to draft it out
The Wish-Lists for the Big Day
Even though I don't know when will be the D-Day
It doesn't matter me at all
But if God's Willing, 2013 will witness the day
Keep on praying

Here are the wish-lists

1) BOBBI BROWN Make-Up set

Although I don't wear make-ups unless I'll wear it for my future husband only

2) D&G perfume set

24/7 Fragrant

3) ALDO Pumps

Show-off to my future husband

4) COACH handbag 
Handbag for dating with my future husband

5) DKNY watch

We need a quality time 

May the wish-lists come true... Amin


Sesiapa yg telah berkahwin

Hadis drpd Nabi s.a.w.

"Sesiapa yg telah berkahwin di kalangan kamu
maka dia telah sempurnakan separuh dari urusan agamanya
dan hendaklah dia bertaqwa kepada Allah pada setengah atau separuh urusan agama yg selebihnya"