Wednesday, August 17, 2011


People who recognize me
They will remember my pimples as well
Yes! u can see different types of pimples with different shapes on my face
That troubles me since ages ago
That makes me ashamed to meet people
And that I met someone who love me till now
He a.k.a Mr.A
I've ever asked him, "Why do u still love me who have fully-acne face and reddish around?"
                               "What do ur eyes see me?"

p/s: the questions above really kill... @__@
He then answered, "I love u bcoz I love Allah and Allah see me when I see u"
What a twisted sentence I would say.. =)
That makes me to think of " is our love relationship valid enough in front of Allah?"
And there goes our PLAN

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My actions are not triggered by my brain, even when I'm speaking
Then a question pops into my head, " is this bcoz of unconscious mind? "
Probably, YES! 
Bcoz a thing happens when I never intend to do it
For instance, I set in my mind that I will not do that thing again
But all of sudden, I really do it without any forces or intentions
Is this unconsciousness is controlled by other forces?
I realised that the unconscious mind is influenced by satan or our passions
Unless we have strengths to overcome the forces
What are the strengths?
Definitely our IMAN !
I believe that if we secure our IMAN, 
I'm pretty sure that we can fully recharge our strengths to defend ourselves from all  those detrimental forces 


Salam Ramadhan... =)

Dear All,

I wanna say sorry to you all bcoz I have been ignoring my blog for months with no excuses
Bcoz I'm so lazy to type the keyboard and don't have any prompts to write about
But now I wanna get back my enthusiasm in blogging so that I didn't spend my holy-days with sleeping 24/7
Yes! I spend most of my time with sleeping despite my mum always nags me not to sleep a lot!
The outcome is I've gained weight (d0n't want to mention the kilos)
Oh no, the lipo had accumulated on that spotted area!
I found my chin flabby!
I'm getting fat now
This is why I started to care about my blog so that I can avoid sleeping almost all the time and getting FAT!
I hate it, really!
That could be me now! :'(