Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Salam Ramadhan... =)

Dear All,

I wanna say sorry to you all bcoz I have been ignoring my blog for months with no excuses
Bcoz I'm so lazy to type the keyboard and don't have any prompts to write about
But now I wanna get back my enthusiasm in blogging so that I didn't spend my holy-days with sleeping 24/7
Yes! I spend most of my time with sleeping despite my mum always nags me not to sleep a lot!
The outcome is I've gained weight (d0n't want to mention the kilos)
Oh no, the lipo had accumulated on that spotted area!
I found my chin flabby!
I'm getting fat now
This is why I started to care about my blog so that I can avoid sleeping almost all the time and getting FAT!
I hate it, really!
That could be me now! :'(

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