Monday, February 6, 2012

No Confidence

I don't have any confidence with myself
I don't even believe in myself
What I am actually for?
I'm not confident with whatever I did
This is me!
Because I'm AFRAID
I'm afraid of others' perceptions towards what I'm doing
Especially when I was given  chances to talk
Like in Susan class
I feel afraid to speak 
In fact, I'm trembling
Because I'm not confident with myself
Because I'm not good like others
Because when I speak, it isn't what I'm meant to 
So, I rather prefer to be passive
So, it is good to just zip my mouth
Dont be like me
You all should be better than me                                       
Far better than me
I don't know since when I lose my confidence
At birth, MAYBE
So, WHAT should I DO?
Read motivating books?
Or me, myself build my own confidence?
HOW should I DO?
Believe in myself?
I know I can do it?
Forget people's perceptions?
Of all, none is valid
So what?
Seek Allah
You'll find the answer
Read Al-Quran
You're half way for it
Afraid Allah
You're not afraid of anything except Allah
You're not afraid to do anything except Allah
You're not afraid to speak in public because You're afraid of Allah
Now, you're brave
Now, you're confident
Now, you'll find your way!
Be CONFIDENT with yourself!

p/s: Let's perform our prayers early


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